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Training Videos are a great resource for your employees or customer support. Extremely cost effective compared to live training sessions it can be made available to reference 24/7, in any location in the world.

Allow your sales force to demonstrate to clients the ease of use and features of your products with a training video played on their iPads or other mobile devices.

Focused Film has a broad range of experience in producing informative and effective training videos across the UK and for multi-national companies too. Get in touch and find out how we can produce some professional and high quality content for you.



Recording a live demonstration video, using close ups from different angles, can show greater detail than text or still images.

The viewer also has the ability to rewind, pause or come back to view at any time.

DID Animation

It may be impossible to see inside of your products so let an animated training video show the process or reaction. Incorporate into a PowerPoint presentation or use alongside a live demo.

A humorous training video can engage your audience with what could be a mundane health and safety procedure!