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Pre- production is where the planning is done and we aim to provide services that will make the process easy for you. The better the plan, the better the result. You describe to us how you would like your video to look and what you would like it to achieve. We will then advise you on the style that can be achieved within your budget. Do you have another video as reference? Filmed or animation?  Web site or exhibition stand? Multi-lingual? We can help you write the script or use a copywriter.



Using the agreed script and shot list we create the elements of your video.

Filming – This can be us turning up with cameras, lights and sound equipment to film interviews with your staff or customers and also getting all the other shots of your company in action. The interviews will often play as a voice over but you may want to consider recording a professional voice over artist. We have extra bits of kit like tracks and cranes to give the shots movement or you may want to consider an ariel shot from a drone.

Animation – We will create the outline images of the key elements of the animation for your approval. When you are happy with the look of these still images, we use them create an animatic, which is the basic key stages of the animation. The animation will then be developed into it’s final form but with your approval at each key stage. The animation can be accompanied by music and voice over or text if it needs to work without sound.

Other elements – To enhance your video and to keep production costs low you may wish to consider using stock library footage. These could be still images which we can then give movement in the edit or video clips that would be uneconomical to film. We can find the appropriate music track from a huge range of library music. Send us your logo and any other branding you would like to include.

Foreign versions. We can provide foreign version of your video with re recorded voice overs and translated text.

We aim to provide servies that will make the process easy for you.



Post-production is the stage where we edit together all the elements to produce the finished video. When complete, we will send you a copy for review, so that you can give us your notes on any changes you would like to make. Once those changes are made and you are happy, we will send you a high resolution master video file, plus one other of your choice. This will usually be a file that will happily play on any tablet or phone. We can advise you on what works best for your needs, i.e. YouTube, iPad or large screen playback at exhibitions. We aim to provide servies that will make the process easy for you.