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Use our experience in medical video production

Focused Film have years of experience working with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, creating medical videos for training, case studies, testimonials and stunning 3d animations.

Testimonial and case studies

Demonstrate the value of your product by creating a video showing a case study or testimonial. Give your customers trust in your company and products, showing how return on investment was successfully achieved. Show your products and services being used in labs and hospitals by healthcare professionals. We have the experience to film in these locations, understanding the pressures on the clinicians in difficult and sensitive environments.

3D medical animation

Animations are great for explainer videos that are difficult to tell with traditional video. Complicated visuals can be built up and explained in a familiar step by step process, concluding with the solution to your customers’ problem. They are equally powerful at displaying everyday services and products in a fresh and exciting way. Varying from the hand drawn and humorous to captivating 3D, we create high quality animated medical videos in a style and tone that is exactly matched to your business and to your market.

How medical videos help your business online

Videos are great at story telling and persuading customers, but they also can appeal to search engines too. Research indicates that websites with high quality video content are 53% more likely to appear on the first page of search results. Google measures user engagement online and uses this as a ranking factor for websites: the more visitors interact with a page and the longer they stay on-site, the higher Google ranks the site. Videos can double the time visitors stay on website pages. Additionally, their presence on a website increases the CTR (click through rate) from search engine results pages by 41%.

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