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Demonstrate your laboratory products with video

We are experts at producing laboratory product demo videos, having years of experience working with global life science and pharmaceutical companies such as Thermo Scientific and Roche.

Laboratory product demo videos are a great way to assist customer support by giving your customers a valuable resource that can be accessed at any time. Product demos are often difficult or impractical to perform in front of your customers. By making a demo video in your laboratory, you have the control to show every detail by using different angles and close up shots. A laboratory product demo video can be viewed at any time to potential or existing customers around the world.


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We are experienced in working within the unique challenges posed by the laboratory environment. Aware of the health and safety issues, often filming in a working environment alongside technicians. Display on your laboratory demo videos on your web site to assist customer support or access through iPads to allow your sales team to demonstrate in the field.

Alongside your laboratory product demo videos you may want to consider using animation. Animation allows you to show the process within your equipment that cannot filmed. We can produce amazing 3d expanded videos, 2d work flows or humorous hand drawn explainer videos.