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Crowdfunding Videos

Crowdfunding videos greatly increase your chances of raising capital

Kickstarter claim that projects with crowdfunding videos are 67% more likely to be successful than those without.

Turn your business dreams into reality

There are now many companies such as Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, Seeders and Crowdcube which enable anyone to invest in a start-up or growth business.
To attract enough people to invest in you project you will need to sell your ideas in the clearest possible way.
More than 80% of Kickstarter projects have crowdfunding videos and those that don’t have a much lower success rate.

How do I make a crowdfunding video?

Budget is an issue for start-ups and you will be looking to keep your costs as low as possible. Some companies try and shoot their own videos, but if they look and sound unprofessional they could actually have a negative impact! The rules of shooting a crowd funding video are the same as any promotional video, but need to include certain key points.

Points to include in a crowdfunding video

1) Say who you are. What is your background and skills.

2) Explain the story behind the project and how you arrived at the current position.

3) What will do with your investors money? How will the funds be used to develop your company and how you see it evolving in the future. What is the predicted future demand for your products?

4) What are the potential rewards for their faith in you?

5) Call to action. Tell them what they should do to invest.

What does a crowd funding video cost?

Think of a minimum of one day to shoot. This would be an interview with you and shots of your products in action. If you wish to include other members of your team and several locations, this will obviously take longer, so may require two or three days to shoot. Each day of shooting usually requires at least two days of editing.
Other factors such as drones and steady cam shots will give your video an extra wow factor but increase the cost.
Take a look at our price guide but please contact us to discuss the possibilities and get a free quote.