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OscarsWhy did “Spotlight” win the Oscar over BAFTA winning “The Revenant”?
The Revenant was about being immersed in another world through incredible cinematography and a great performance from Leonardo Dicaprio. A very simple but compelling story, giving meaning to the stunning sound and vision.
Spotlight was the opposite. The complex story based on real life events made you concentrate on the dialogue. As the events unfolded what started as a small local newspaper story, turned out to be a massive global exposé on the Catholic Church. Also great acting, but visually unimpressive, although probably a decision to not distract the audience from the story.
What they both had in common is that you cared what happened at the end, although they could hardly be more different in style and content.
Wether you are producing a Hollywood movie or a video to promote your company, you need a story, however simple, that will engage your audience. Your story could be filmed to show clearly how your products and services stand out from the competition or a stunning 3D animation to show a process that cannot be filmed.
At Focused Film we start by understanding your message and create a video that tells your story in a way that will connect with your audience and fit your budget.