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Keeping focused when the camera is moving, as well as the subject, can be a real problem. Auto-focus was something to avoid at all costs when shooting professional video, unless you were covering a war zone.

Keeping Focused with the Canon C300 Mark II

Keeping Focused

Now with a new generation of cameras such as Canons EOS C300 Mark II , auto-focus has become a flexible tool to achieve shots that were almost impossible.
In their London showroom, CVP Video demonstrated how to keep your camera moving, while keeping focused on the subject.
If your interviewee is animated or you are moving the camera around them, it is always very tricky to keep in focus and the background blurred. Using Canons advanced auto-focus and face recognition, you can ‘lock onto’ the subject without the lens continually ‘hunting’, as was always the problem in the past.
This is especially important where the lighting is very low, requiring the lens to be wide open with a very narrow depth of field.

Keep it moving while keeping focused

There is an increasing number of toys on the market to keep the camera moving, such as gimbals and drones, but these all produce their own problems. Staying in focus is just one of them, but with cameras like the C300 Mark II, the task is made a whole lot easier. The camera can be controlled remotely using the WFT-E6A Wireless Transmitter and an iPad.
Face recognition is great until the subject looks away, but with the C300 you can switch to AF area selection and position a small box over the area you wish to focus on. Using the jog wheel on the handgrip, this box can be moved around the screen. The speed of transition from one focus mode to another can be changed, so there is a smooth transition from one to another.
The skill is in deciding the mode and knowing when to switch.
Ultimately, this gives creative flexibility with a minimum of equipment, giving low budget films the look of Hollywood movies!
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