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Social media video: Facebook v YouTube

Which ever platform you prefer, video on social media is increasingly becoming the most important factor in promoting your company.
There are now over eight billion videos viewed on Facebook every day. This is now far more than YouTube. Facebook prioritises video in the news feed. Clips will play automatically and there is a new mobile video tab.

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook’s support of video has paid off by attracting advertisers to promote products and services alongside popular video clips.
Although the site is paying content providers a share of the advertising revenue, it is very small compared to YouTube.
Video on Facebook needs to be short to be effective. The average length of the top ten videos on Facebook was about a minute.
However, to attract advertisers, the video content needs to be high quality.
Currently Facebook videos tend to be mainly amusing videos of cute cats and the like, whilst YouTube generally has longer, more targeted videos such as ‘how to’ guides.

Regarding video, Mark Zuckerberg says they have a “clear roadmap” for the next few years. Competition can only increase between as video becomes the norm for communication on social media.

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